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This decadent Ceremonial Matcha and Coconut Milk Bath will wrap your skin in pure, nurturing, luxury. Moisturize and relax yourself from the outside in when you soak in your tub. 


Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea was founded and popularized over 900 Years ago by Chinese Buddhist Monks, the meditative and ritualistic nature of its preparation is still relevant today.


Coconut inspires us to embark on a deeper more meaningful journey within our soul.


Lemongrass symbolizes growth, strength and purification.

Ceremonial Matcha Milk Bath Vial

  • These single-use bath shot vials are the perfect way to relax, destress, and nourish your mind and body. Made with only the finest, high-quality ingredients to lift your senses and pamper your body, each vial is its own experience. So uncork, pour in the bath, and enjoy!

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